As we all know, eating a well-balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is the best way to achieve overall physical wellness. And yet many of us miss elements in our diets that are crucial for our overall health, including a healthy metabolism. Quick on the go food options are rarely the most nutritious and often times lacking in most if not all vital nutrients. 

In addition to proper diet, clean water, exercise, and sleep are the vital when it comes to supporting a healthy body.  Taking a daily multi-vitamin, fiber, and probiotics are a few ways your body what it needs to function at it's best.  

We have a wide array of amazing supplements from Nature’s Sunshine that can kickstart your healthy lifestyle. Our team can recommend different options based on your goals, whether that be to increase metabolism, decrease cravings and appetite, burn away stubborn fat, and/or boost energy levels for a productive workout. Or if you're looking for a more focused one on one approach consider meeting with Mary Filjones our in-house nutrition guru.



Nutrition Consulting

Personalized recipes and meal plans that emphasize the healing benefits of an all natural, whole foods diet. 




This is an individual and personalized service that considers your unique health challenges, nutrition goals and cooking repertoire. This package includes a 1 hour initial consultation and 4 weeks of follow-up, in person, messaging, phone or email. You will receive a personalized client information package which includes a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid, recipes, sample meal plans and links to additional information.



Consultation + Meal Preparation

In addition to the Consultation and personalized client information package, you will receive freshly prepared meals, customized to fit your dietary needs.